April 2024 Updates

NinjaTerm got four releases this May! Given all the time I spent on NinjaTerm there were no updates to this blog.

NinjaTerm can now display numerical data types such as hex, uint8, uint16, float32, e.t.c.:

You can now send a 200ms break signal by pressing Ctrl-Shift-B when the terminal is focused and the serial port open.

You can now specify a custom baud rate, and updated the default baud rates to include more common options.

A circular progress modal is shown while the port is being opened.

NinjaTerm has a new macros feature which lets you send pre-defined ASCII or HEX sequences out the serial port:

You now have the ability to select the flow-control method (none or hardware) when opening a serial port:

NinjaTerm has a new profiles feature which lets you save and load different serial port configurations.

April 2024 Updates

Added links in the top navbar to NinjaTerm and NinjaCalc.

New page on the PowerPC e200 CPU architecture.

New page on controlling a LED using PWM.

Added a new page with info on system basis chips (SBCs).

Improved the consistency and look of a number of component package pages by removing the old table design and adding more references.

Add more component package pages for the packages in the DO-204 family.

Added more info on EMA filters.

Added a new page on the SMF (DO-219AB) component package.

Added info on bitter coatings added to coin cells.

Started a new page on Optimizing BLE for Low Power.

March 2024 Updates

Released a new version of NinjaTerm, v4.13.0 which adds smart copy/paste support with Ctrl-Shift-C/V.

Started using Umami Analytics for analytics alongside Google Analytics. Umami is self-hosted on a Amazon Lightsail instance. The subdomain umami.mbedded.ninja points to the IPv6 only instance. If Umami works well (it’s privacy focused and is unlikely to be blocked by ad blockers), Google Analytics will be removed in the following months.

Added a new page on how to setup Umami Analytics on Amazon Lightsail.

Added info on C compile-time asserts().

Added a new page with a small amount of info on Infineon 32-bit AURIX TriCore MCUs.

February 2024 Updates

January 2024 Updates

  • Added info on the Law of Cosines.

  • Added info on the Trigonometric Ratios.

  • Added the ability to do a site-wide search with the help of the pagefind library. At compile time, after hugo builds the site, pagefind is then run and creates a search dictionary that is downloaded to the client when they want to perform a search. All the searching happens client-side, no server is needed.

  • Added more info on Zephyr, including semaphores, the polling API, workqueues, watchdogs and commons errors.

  • Noticed that the inline equation text colour was different to standard text (thanks to a Bootstrap CSS file), so I added SCSS rules to style it correctly.

  • Added info on the non-standard use of MCU SPI peripherals to send data to WS8212 RGB LEDs.

  • Added a new page with info on real-time clock (RTC) ICs.

  • Added more info on various Zephyr peripheral APIs.