June 2021 Updates

1. Updates This Month

  • Combined the "Passing A C++ Member Function To A C Callback" page into the "C++ Callbacks" page. Updated the page with much more info, including worked examples which use https://replit.com/@gbmhunter for hosting, compiling and running small snippets of C++ code.

  • Updated the Electrical Noise page with info on the various "Colours of Noise" including graphs (in both the time and frequency domains) of white, pink, red, and blue noise.

    noise pink time domain
  • Added info on Hakko soldering tweezers to the Soldering Irons And Stations page.

    hm 2023 hakko mini hot tweezers with t9 l1 tips
  • Starting testing the Asciidoc format and comparing it against the Markdown format.

  • Added schematics, equations, worked examples, and bode plots on Capacitance Multiplier circuits.

    capacitance multiplier resistor divider
  • Removed the "Test And Measurement" section of the site. Moved the only page underneath it (the "Current Probes" page) to under "Tools" instead.

  • Added a new page on AC/DC Electronic Loads.

  • Added a new page on Line Impedance Stabilization Networks (LISNs).

  • The main structure of this sites HTML was updated to use Bootstrap containers and columns to create a responsive layout. At the same time, the main menu was updated from a hover-based tree view to a expandable tree view which should be more friendly towards users with touch screen devices. The Table of Contents for pages is now also added at a fixed location in a right-hand column for large screen devices.

    website before
    Figure 1. Before HTML/CSS Updates
    website after
    Figure 2. After HTML/CSS Updates

May 2021 Updates

  • Added equations/proofs involving the Wien bridge oscillator.

  • Added schematics and simulation results for a JFET gain-limited Wien bridge oscillator.
  • Added info on noise power spectral density and noise amplitude spectral density. Added more info about thermal (Johnson-Nyquist) noise including equations and a worked example involving a \(10k\Omega\) resistor.
  • Added graphs of a simple moving average (SMA) filter’s frequency response.

April 2021 Updates

and simulation results:

March 2021 Updates

  • Updated the img shortcode so that caption text is now rendered as markdown (done by calling the hugo function | markdownify on the passed in parameter). This allows things such as the ability to add URL links into the image caption, great when referencing the source of the image.

  • Added a section to the Op-Amp page on Negative Impedance Converters (NICs).

  • Added info on overriding the standard library version of malloc() (and friends) with an application specific version:

    #include <stdlib.h>
    int main()
        int* i = malloc(sizeof(int));
    void* malloc(size_t s)
        printf("My custom malloc() called");
        return NULL;
    void free(void* p)
        printf("My custom free() called");
  • Added info on the MQTT broker Mosquitto and MQTT client Paho.

February 2021 Updates

  • Updated the schematic symbols on the BJT Transistors page.

  • Added an example of a common-base amplifier to the BJT Transistors page.

  • Added more info on quiescent currents and slew rates to the op-amp page.