MiniMELF (SOD-80, DO-213AA) Component Package

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MiniMELF is a cylindrical, 2-lead SMD component package whose most common use is for packaging diodes and resistors. This package often comes under the alternative names SOD-80 or DO-213AA. I prefer to call it MiniMELF as it’s to remember when there are a plethora of other packages under the “SOD” or “DO-” naming convention.

Mini-MELF (SOD-80, DO-213AA).

Mini-MELF (SOD-80, DO-213AA).

A photo of the Mini-MELF (SOD-80, DO-213AA) component package.

A photo of the Mini-MELF (SOD-80, DO-213AA) component package.

MiniMELF (and all the other packages in the MELF family) are cylindrical shaped components. This makes them somewhat infamous because they have a tendency to roll around when soldering. This leads to the backronym “MELF: Most End up Lying on the Floor” or being called the “roll away” package. However, they remain popular because offer significant advantages over traditional SMD packages including:

  • High accuracy
  • Moisture resistance
  • High-temperature operation


  • 100H01: IEC package outline code1.
  • DO-213AA
  • LL-34: Littelfuse2.
  • LL34: Microsemi3.
  • LLDS (Nexperia1)
  • SOD-80 (Small-outline Diode 80)
  • SOD-80C (Nexperia1)

Pitch: 3.2mm (distance between terminal centers)

Solderability: Easy to solder by hand, but doesn’t stay in one place! Can also be wave or reflow soldered.

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Package Dimensions: 3.5mm length, 1.5mm diameter

Common Uses

  • Diodes
  • Resistors


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