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Data from Satellite Imaging Corporation.

Band Num.Band NameCentral Wavelength (um)Resolution (m)
Band 1Coastal aerosol0.44360
Band 2Blue0.49010
Band 3Green0.56010
Band 4Red0.66510
Band 5Vegetation Red Edge0.70520
Band 6Vegetation Red Edge0.74020
Band 7Vegetation Red Edge0.78320
Band 8NIR0.84210
Band 8AVegetation Red Edge0.86520
Band 9Water vapour0.94560
Band 10SWIR - Cirrus1.37560
Band 11SWIR1.61020
Band 12SWIR2.19020

Imagery Format

Whereas most satellite imagery is provided in the GeoTiff format (.tiff), Sentinel-2 imagery data comes in the JPEG-2000 format (.jp2).


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