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3D render of the SMF (DO-219AB) package from DigiKey[^digikey-smf24a-e3-08].

3D render of the SMF (DO-219AB) package from DigiKey1.

SMF (also commonly known as DO-219AB2) is a 2-lead SMD package commonly used for diodes. Vishay seems to be the main manufacturer that uses this package.


  • DO-219AB: This is the JEDEC name for the SMF package.
  • SMF: This is the name used by Vishay for this package.


The dimensions of the SMF package from Vishay are shown below:

SMF (DO-219AB) package dimensions from Vishay[^vishay-bzd17-zener-diodes].

SMF (DO-219AB) package dimensions from Vishay2.

The key dimensions from this diagram are (typical):

  • Length: 3.7mm
  • Width: 1.8mm
  • Height: 1.0mm
Recommended land pattern for the SMF (DO-219AB) package from Vishay[^vishay-bzd17-zener-diodes].

Recommended land pattern for the SMF (DO-219AB) package from Vishay2.

The outer bounding box of both the package and the land pattern are:

  • Length: \(4.2mm\)
  • Width: \(1.8mm\)

This gives a land area of \(7.56mm^2\).

Thermal Resistance

The thermal resistance of the SMF package is \(R_{\theta JA} = 180\,^{\circ}\text{C/W}\) (junction to ambient) when mounted on a standard PCB with 3x3mm copper pads than are \(\ge 40um\) thick2.

Common Uses

  • Schottky and zener diodes from Vishay.


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