DO-204AH (DO-35) Component Package

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DO-204AH (also commonly known as DO-35) is a axial 2-lead through-hole component that was very common before the advent of SMD technology. It was commonly used for small-signal low-power through-hole diodes such as the general purpose 1N414x series and the Zener BZX55 series.

A photo of the DO-35 (DO-204AH) component package.

A photo of the DO-35 (DO-204AH) component package.

It has a height of 2.28mm when lying horizontally on a PCB.


  • 54A2: DIN418801
  • A25: IEC 601911
  • DO-204AH: Newer JEDEC name1.
  • DO-35: Older JEDEC name1.
  • SC-40: EIAJ1


The dimensions for the DO-204AH (DO-35) package from Vishay are2:

The dimensions for the DO-35 (DO-204AH) package from Vishay[^vishay-package-information].

The dimensions for the DO-35 (DO-204AH) package from Vishay2.

The body is 3.5mm long and 1.5mm in diameter. This is slightly smaller than the DO-34 package at 4.25mm long and 1.85mm in diameter.

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