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1. Overview


SOD-123 (Small-outline diode 123)


  • CASE 425AC (SOD-123EP, OnSemi)[1]

  • CFP3 (SOD-123W, Nexperia)[2]

  • D6 (Fairchild Semiconductor)

  • DO-219AA (SOD-123F)

  • M1F (SOD-123F, Fagor Electronica)

  • PDMU (SOD-123F, Rohm)

  • SC-109D (JEITA)

  • SOD-123W-2 (SOD-123W, Mouser)[3]

Similar To


  • SOD-123EP

  • SOD-123F

  • SOD-123FL

  • SOD-123W



Pin Count





Reflow is most suitable. Easily solderable by hand for prototyping.

Thermal Resistance

Package LxWxH

Typical PCB Land Area

3D Models

Common Uses

  • Diodes

2. SOD-123

The SOD-123 component package is a medium sized, 2-lead SMD package, commonly used for packaging diodes. The leads are gull-wing style (coming out the side of the package), whilst the SOD-123F variant has pads (on the underside of the package). It is the largest SOD package from the family including SOD-323, SOD-523, SOD-723 and SOD-923.

sod 123 component package 3d render
Figure 1. A 3D render of the SOD-123 component package. Image from
sod 123 component package dimensions and recommended footprint
Figure 2. Dimensions and a recommended footprint (land pattern) for the SOD-123 component package.

Note that the pins in the above diagram are labelled with the diode anode being pin 2, and the cathode being pin 1. This is not what I would consider to be intuitive numbering!

3. SOD-123F

The SOD-123F component package has narrow, flat leads protruding from the base of the SMD package.


  • DO-219AA

  • PDMU (Rohm)

  • M1F (Fagor Electronica)

Pitch: 2.8mm

Recommended Footprint = 4.4x2.1mm = 9.2mm2

component package sod 123f 3d model
Figure 3. 3D model of the top of the SOD-123F component package.
component package sod 123f 3d model 2
Figure 4. 3D model of the underside of the SOD-123F component package.
component package sod 123f dimensions
Figure 5. Dimensions of the SOD-123F component package.
component package sod 123f recommended land pattern
Figure 6. Recommended land pattern for the SOD-123F component package.

4. SOD-123EP

The SOD-123EP is a variant of the SOD-123 package with one of the pads being extended further underneath the package for improved power dissipation. This package is typically used for diodes, with the cathode connected to the larger pad[1]. Known as CASE 425AC by On Semi[1].

sod 123ep 3d model onsemi ss12fp
Figure 7. 3D model of the SOD-123EP component package. You can clearly see the larger pad on the underside, which in this case is connected to the cathode of the OnSemi SS12FP diode[1].
sod 123ep mechanical dimensions on semi
Figure 8. Mechanical dimensions of the SOD-123EP component package[1].

5. SOD-123W


  • CFP3 (Nexperia)[2]

  • SOD-123W-2 (Mouser)[3]


  • Length: 3.5mm

  • Width: 1.7mm

  • Height: 1.0mm

The above dimensions are nominal and include the leads (i.e. outer dimensions). This package the same nominal outer dimensions as the SOD-123F and SOD-123EP variants.

sod 123w package outline nexperia cfp3
Figure 9. Package outline for the SOD-123W component package. This outline is taken from the Nexperia PMEG60T20ELR Schottky barrier diode datasheet[2].



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