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The TO-206 (Transistor Outline Package, Case Style 206) component package is a family of large through-hole metal can packages used for things such as transistors. There are variants with anywhere from 2 to 8 leads1.


  • H03C: What National Semiconductor calls the TO-206AA2.
  • TO-18


  • TO-206AA: The popular 3-lead variant. Also called TO-18-3.
  • TO-206AB: 3-lead with 1.90mm cap height. Also called TO-46.1
  • TO-206AC: 3-lead with 3.30mm cap height. Also called TO-52.1
  • TO-206AF: 4-lead. Also called TO-72.
  • TO-71: 8-lead TO-18.

Common Uses

  • Diodes (TO-18-2)
  • Transistors (TO-18-3)

Similar To:

TO-206AA (TO-18-3)

The TO-206AA is the most common 3-lead version in the TO-206 family. It is also known by it’s older name as the TO-18-3 – or just ambiguously as the TO-18. National Semiconductor called this package H03C2. Transistors such as the 2N2222A BJT are available in this package.

A photo of the TO-206AA (TO-18-3) from DigiKey[^digikey-2n2222a].

A photo of the TO-206AA (TO-18-3) from DigiKey3.

The dimensions of the TO-206AA are shown below:

Dimensions for the TO-206AA (TO-18) component package from National Semiconductor (now Texas Instruments)[^ti-metal-can-packages].

Dimensions for the TO-206AA (TO-18) component package from National Semiconductor (now Texas Instruments)2.


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