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Here’s a list of some useful design tools which come in useful when making PCBs.


Altium is a professional, licensed electronic CAD design package, whose two core components are schematic and PCB design. For more info, see the Altium subsection of this blog.

Saturn PCB Toolkit


Very simple but extensive PCB design aid. And it’s free! Includes a via current calculator, trace width calculator, bandwidth calculator, differential pair calculator, mechanical data, conductor impedance calculator, unit conversions, planar inductor calculator, thermal resistance calculator and more!

A screen-shot of the Saturn PCB toolkit.

A screen-shot of the Saturn PCB toolkit.

Standard Resistor Calculator


Invaluable when working out the closest manufactured resistor to the value you need in your design. There are tons of web-based calculators out there, and most let you choose a resistor series (e.g. E12, E24 e.t.c), or a precision (e.g. 5%, 1%). The higher the precision (1% is higher than 5%), the more expensive the resistor.

Screenshot of the resistor calculator.

Screenshot of the resistor calculator.


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