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Unfortunately, most surface-mount crystals do not come in named packages. A notable exception is the HC-49US package. This page contains info on the unnamed SMD crystal packages, which are usually identified by their width*length. There are a variety of popular width*length combinations used.

1. SMD Crystal Packages

Table 1. Table of common SMD 2 pad crystal package dimensions
Dimensions (width x length)







Dimensions Num. terminals, connection type Image Comment


4, BGA

sit1532ai j4 dcc 32.768e 1.5x0.8mm 4 bga package 3d render
Figure 1. 3D render of the SiTIME SIT1532AI-J4-DCC-32.768E in the 1.5x0.8mm CSP BGA package. Image from


4, Pads

abm3b 8.000mhz 10 1 u t crystal 3.2x2.5mm package render
Figure 2. 3D render of the Abracon ABM3B-8.000MHZ-10-1-U-T in the 3.2x2.5mm SMD crystal package. Image retrieved 2021-09-07, from

A very common package size for a 4 pad SMD crystal. There is also a 6 pad crystal package with the same length and width of 3.2x2.5mm.


6, Pads

abracon ax3dbf1 125.0000t crystal package dimensions
Figure 3. Package dimensions of the Abracon AX3DBF1-125.0000T SMD crystal, in a 3.2x2.5x1.0mm form factor. Image retrieved 2021-09-07, from

2. Through-Hole Crystal Packages

Radial 6.2x2.1mm

raltron r26 32.768 6 crystal package 6.2x2.1mm photo
Figure 4. Photo of a Raltron R26-32.768-6 32.678kHz crystal in a 6.2x2.1mm radial package. Image retrieved 2021-09-11, from


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