SOT-883 Component Package

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1. Overview


SOT-883 (Small-outline Transistor 883)


sot 883 component package 3d render


  • CASE 506DB (onsemi[3])

  • DFN1006-3 (NXP[1])

  • SC-101 (JEITA, EIAJ)[2]

  • XDFN3 (onsemi)

Similar To

  • DFN

  • SOD-882 (2 pins instead of 3, in the same sized package)





Pin Count



  • 0.35mm between the centers of the two small pads (called the nominal pitch by Nexperia)[1]

  • 0.65mm between the centers of the small pads and the large pad (called the minimal pitch by Nexperia)[1]


Almost impossible to solder with a hand-held soldering iron due to the pads being on the bottom of the package. Need to use reflow oven/hot air soldering techniques.

Thermal Resistance


Package Dimensions

  • Length: 1.0mm (nom)[1]

  • Width: 0.6mm (nom)[1]

  • Height: 0.50mm (nom)[1]

Typical PCB Land Area

\(1.17mm^2\) (1.30x0.90mm)[1]

3D Models


Common Uses


The SOT-883 component package is very similar to a DFN package. It is also very similar to the SOD-882 component package (note: that’s SOD, not SOT!). It has the same outside dimensions as the SOD-882, except with the addition of an extra pad. This presumably explains the transition from SOD to SOT — the two pin package is used for diodes, whilst this three pin package is used for transistors.

onsemi (formally On Semiconductor) calls this package the XDFN3[3]. However, you have to be careful as onsemi also uses the name XDFN3 for slightly different packages, for example, the NTNS5K0P021Z MOSFET, which has a smaller package size of 0.62x0.42x0.4mm[4], rather than 1.0x0.6x0.5mm of the SOT-883. The key difference is the "case code" which is CASE 506CB1[3] for the SOT-883, but CASE 711BH[4] for the smaller 0.62x0.42x0.4mm package.

2. 3D Render

sot 883 component package 3d render
Figure 1. A 3D render of the SOT-883 component package. Image from

3. Package Dimensions

sot 883 component package dimensions
Figure 2. The dimensions of the SOT-883 component package. Image from
sot 883 component package recommended footprint
Figure 3. The recommended PCB footprint for the SOT-883 component package. Image from



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