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Geoffrey Hunter Author


reStructuredText is a markup language for plain text. It is also called reST.


Cloud-based repository hosts (e.g. GitHub, BitBucket) README's (but not as popular as Markdown).

Section Headers

Section titles are described in reST by underlining or both underlining and overlining the section header text with a sequence of non-alphanumeric characters. Adding these characters is called an adornment.

Any character from the set - : ' " ~ ^ _ * + # < >` may be used for the adornment.

You can nest section headers as much as you want, as long as you use a different character for the child and parent headers. The following example shows headers and child headers being declared.

Chapter 1 Title

Section 1.1 Title

Subsection 1.1.1 Title

Section 1.2 Title

Chapter 2 Title

Note that the document title and subtitle are handled slightly different from section headers.


Two different table formats are supported.


Images can be embedded into the output by using the following image directive.

.. image:: myPicture.png

The image URL can be either relative to the directory location of the ReStructuredText file or it can be an http URL.


See any of my GitHub repositories for a reST document in action (e.g.