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The DO-41 (Diode Outline 41) component package is a very popular 2-lead through-hole package used for older diodes (incl. the famous 1N400x series). The pitch is typically 400mil, although because of the long through-hole leads, it is user variable. It is easy to solder by hand. The DO-41 package is normally used for higher power “rectifier” diodes, whilst the lower power “signal” diodes use smaller through-hole packages such as the DO-35. The typical rated current for a diode in this package is 1A.


  • JEDEC DO-204 Variant AL (DO-204AL)
  • SOD66 (NXP)1
  • LALF (NXP “Package Style”)1

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Thermal Resistance: \(100^{\circ}{\rm C/W}\)

Typical PCB Land Area: 22mm²

This package is normally mounted on the PCB in two ways, either flat with the legs bent at 90° to fit into the holes, or in space-constrained applications, vertical, with one of the legs straight and one bent 180° to fit into the holes in the PCB (which are closer together than when in the flat orientation. Material of package is normally moulded plastic.

A photo of the DO-41 component package.

A photo of the DO-41 component package.


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