SOD-882 Component Package

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SOD-882 (Small-outline Diode 882) is a 2-lead SMD component package.


  • DFN1006-2 (NXP1)

Similar To:

  • DFN
  • SOT-883 (3 pins in the same sized package, used for transistors)

Pitch: 0.65mm1

Solderability: Reflow is most suitable.

Thermal Resistance:

  • 500K/W (standard footprint)2
  • 250K/W (standard footprint, but with 1cm2 pad for cathode)2
  • 55K/W (thermal resistance from junction to solder point)2

Package Dimensions:

  • Length: 1.02mm (max)1
  • Width: 0.62mm (max)1
  • Height: 0.50mm (max)1

Typical PCB Land Area: \(1.17mm^2\) (1.30x0.90mm)1

Common Uses:

  • Zener diodes2

The SOD-882 component package is quite different from many other SOD packages (such as SOD-323, SOD-523) in that it’s pads are on the underside of the package rather than gull-wing or flat leads (when the F suffix is used). This makes the SOD-882 very similar to a standard DFN package.

It is also very similar to the SOT-883 component package (note: that’s SOT, not SOD!). It has the same outside dimensions as the SOT-883, except with only 2 pads instead of 3. This presumably explains the transition from SOD to SOT – the two pin package is used for diodes, whilst this three pin package is used for transistors.


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