PowerPAK SO-8 Component Package

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The PowerPAK SO-8 package is designed with the same pin spacing as the SO-8 package, except with pins 5-8 connected together with an additional thermal pad on the underside of the package. Although it is recommended to design a special footprint for this package to take advantage of the thermal pad, it can be soldered onto existing SO-8 land patterns1.

Pin Count: 81

Pitch: 1.27mm1

Solderability: Reflow is required. Not possible to solder with iron as package has a large thermal pad on the underside, and a very small amount of the pads are exposed.

Thermal Resistance: \(R_{\theta JC}=1^{\circ}C/W\)1

Package LxWxH: 6.05x5.05x1.04mm1

Typical PCB Land Area: \(29.2mm^2\) (\(6.61x4.42mm\))1

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