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PowerDI123 Component Package

Geoffrey Hunter Author


PowerDI123 is a proprietary component package by Diodes Incorporated. It is used for diodes and constant-current LED drivers (shunt style).


The dimensions for the PowerDI123 component package. Image from

2.8x1.78x0.98mm. Pitch 3.05 mm.


The recommended footprint for the PowerDI123 component package. Image from

The footprint occupies a land area of 6.75mm2.

Thermal Resistance

Device mounted on 25.4x25.4mm FR-4 PCB (10x10mm 1oz copper, minimum recommended pad layout on top layer and thermal vias to bottom layer ground plane)1:

  • TJC=27.15°C/WT_{JC} = 27.15°C/W
  • TJA=148.61°C/WT_{JA} = 148.61°C/W

When mounted on 50.8mm x 50.8mm GETEK PCB with 25.4mm x 25.4mm copper pads1:

  • TJC=17.81°C/WT_{JC} = 17.81°C/W
  • TJA=81.39°C/WT_{JA} = 81.39°C/W

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