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Comments within HTML code are added using the following syntax.

<!-- This is a HTML comment -->

GET, PUT, e.t.c

The common command send when you type a URL into your browser is GET.

You can use the program curl on Linux-systems to send different commands to URLs.

$ curl -i -X GET http://my.url

Or you can use a web-based app such as the Simple REST Client.

API Design

Apiary ( is a useful tool for designing web-based APIs (APIs using HTML requests). It allows instant API mock creation with automatic documentation and testing. It is free for single, non-commercial users (aka hackers).

Dynamic Content

AngularJS is a great tool for dealing with dynamic content. It is a tool that allows things such as data-binding, which allows a UI interface following the MVC or MVVC pattern. It is implemented in purely client-side Javascript. An alternative to AngularJS is Knockout.


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