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SMB (DO-214AA) Component Package

Geoffrey Hunter Author


SMB is a SMD component package commonly used for diodes. The packages other common name is DO-214AA (diode outline 214AA). It is in the same family as SMA (DO-214AC) and SMC (DO-214AB). The common name, SMB, is not to be confused with SMD (surface-mount device, the common name for any surface-mount component).

A front and back photo of the DO-214AA (SMB) diode component package.

SMB is relatively easy to solder by hand. Don't use a really fine tip, as the two pins need a fair amount of heat.


The pitch of the SMB is 3.97mm (center of lead 1 to center of lead 2). The height of the component is 2.44mm.

The SMB package takes up a PCB land area of approximately 22.0mm2(5.59mm×3.94mm)22.0mm^2 (5.59mm \times 3.94mm).

3D Renders

A 3D render of the SMB (DO-214AA) component package.


The dimensions and recommended land pattern for the DO-214AA (SMB) diode component package.

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