How To Route A PSoC Microcontroller

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SIO Pins

SIO pins can:

  • Act as digital I/O
  • Can handle up to 5.5V on SIO pins, regardless of the microcontrollers maximum supply voltage (this is due to no top ESD diode).
  • Sink/source more current than GPIO
  • Can have programmable drive voltage levels

SIO pins cannot:

  • Act as analogue I/O. This means you cannot connect them up things like the ADC, VDAC, IDAC, e.t.c.
  • Cannot act as LCD I/O.

Some SIO pins also have fixed-hardware I2C peripherals connected to them. In my experience, SIO pins also tend to use a little more power than GPIO, it seems that their input buffers consume more current.

Information on the SIO pins from a PSoC datasheet.
Information on the SIO pins from a PSoC datasheet.


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