DIN Connectors

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DIN Connectors

The DIN connector was originally developed by the German National Standards Organisation. The known standards are:

  • DIN 41524
  • DIN 41612
  • DIN 43356
  • DIN 41652

DIN connectors with different numbers of pins can sometimes mate with each other. For example, 3-pin DIN connectors used for mono audio can mate with the left-channel of larger 5-pin DIN stereo connections. DIN connectors were used for the PS/2 keyboard and mouse connectors (know succeeded by the USB connector).

Mini-DIN Connectors

Mini-DIN connectors are smaller versions of the DIN connectors and are 9.5mm in diameter. A major difference between DIN and Mini-DIN connectors is that Mini-DIN connectors cannot be mated with any of different-number-of-pins Mini-DIN connectors.

Mini-DIN connectors have been used for the S-video interface.


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