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Visual Studio Code is a free, multi-platform, open-source code editor from Microsoft.

The icon for Microsoft's Visual Studio Code.

The icon for Microsoft's Visual Studio Code.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Reformat Code: Ctrl-Shift-I (Linux)


Visual Studio Code has relatively good support for C and C++.

The refactoring capabilities are currently not that great, with the only option for C++ objects is “Rename all occurrences”.

There is no built-in CMake build support (e.g. you can open/build CMake based C/C++ projects in VS Code). However there is CMake syntax highlighting by way of the CMake plugin by twxs.

Shortcut For Switching Between Editor And Terminal

Add the following to keybindings.json so that you can switch between the editor and the built-in terminal with Ctrl-`:

    "key": "ctrl+`",
    "command": "workbench.action.terminal.focus",
    "when": "editorTextFocus"
    "key": "ctrl+`",
    "command": "workbench.action.focusActiveEditorGroup",
    "when": "terminalFocus"

Git Ignore File For Visual Studio Code


You may want to include *.code-workspace files as they can contain cSpell configuration that you wish to share (such as user-added words).

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