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  • Start Date: December 2005
  • End Date: April 2006
  • Status: Completed

What Is It?

I made this piece of electronics to be able to connect scientific Casio calculators up to the computer, after finding out the official version cost NZ$100+. The Casio calculator supported a serial upload/download feature which allowed you to transfer data and programs between the calculator and computer. It was awesome to use this to download ASCII-based games that people had written for the calculator and shared on the internet.

This was the first time I ever brought components from an online electrical component supplier (I used RS components).

I made this with the idea I could make more of them and sell them for a profit. I only sold one to someone on TradeMe before I lost interest slash realised it was too labour intensive to be worthwhile doing.


Geoffrey Hunter

Dude making stuff.

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