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1. Overview


LGA (Land Grid Array)


lga component package 3d render


Similar To

  • BGA (BGA has balls, LGA doesn’t)

  • PGA





Pin Count

Approx 5-2000.



Cannot solder with a soldering iron, soldering with hot air or infrared is o.k., recommended practise is to use reflow techniques.

Thermal Resistance

Package Dimensions

Typical PCB Land Area

3D Models


Common Uses

  • CPUs

  • Cellular modems

  • WiFi modules


The LGA package is is a surface mount package with pads on the underside of the package. It is very similar to the BGA package, except is does not have any balls, instead plain flat pads are used. An LGA package may also differ from BGA with the addition of arbitrary sized pads for purposes such as grounding, thermal dissipation, shielding and mechanical strength. An LGA package can be made from a PCB, thus many LGA components are actually entire "modules" made from a PCB and a number of components. This modular form is commonly seen with cellular modem and WiFi components.

lga component package 3d render
Figure 1. A 3D render of an LGA component package.

CPU Variants:

LGA 771

Intel Socket J

LGA 775

Intel Socket T

LGA 1150

Intel Socket H3

LGA 1155

Intel Socket H2

LGA 1156

Intel Socket H

LGA 1207

AMD Socket F, AMD Socket C32

LGA 1356

Intel Socket B2

LGA 1366

Intel Socket B

LGA 1944

AMD Socket G34

LGA 2011

Intel Socket R

The LGA package comes in many different variants, all which have a different number of pins and a different pin configuration. The pins are normally lines up in a grid of x columns and y rows, but not every position may have a pad. Therefore you can get variants with the same LGA package width and length.

Like BGAs, LGA packages can withstand up to 50% mis-alignment when soldering (50% of the distance between consecutive pads, i.e. it’s pitch), as the package will automatically align itself[2]. LGA packages can be connected to the PCB either with a socket or direct soldering. Intel has popularised the package by using it on some of it’s CPU families.

3. Socket

lga 775 component package socket
Figure 2. Socket for the LGA-775 component package.

4. Shifted Solder Mask Layouts

Sometimes LGA components recommend unique paste mask designs with "shifted" openings, as shown below.

panasonic pan9026 solder mask layout
Figure 3. The recommended paste mask layout (Panasonic labels this the "solder mask", but they are really talking about what most people call the paste mask!) for the Panasonic PAN9026. Notice the unequal shifting of approx. 150um[1].



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