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WSON Component Package

Geoffrey Hunter Author


The WSON (Plastic Small-outline No-lead Package) is a SMD package. It typically has 8 leads. The pitch of the WSON varies. Many are 1.27mm (just like SOIC, for example the Cypress WSON 8L package), the TI DMB package as a pitch of 1.0mm, and the TI DQD package as a pitch of 0.4mm.

It has a exposed thermal pad on the underside. However, it is not normally electrically connected to anything, and is optionally soldered to the PCB. It is recommended to be soldered when the PCB has a large amount of flex, else left unconnected.

Reflow soldering is the most suitable for this package. It is hard to solder with a soldering iron due to underside thermal pad.

A 3D render of the WSON-8 (PG-WSON-8-1) component package from Infineon1.


  • DMB/PWSON (Texas Instruments)2
  • DQD (Texas Instruments)

Common Uses:

  • Flash memory ICs
  • Secondary-side bias regulators for DC-DC converters

3D Models:


Texas Instruments has a WSON package which does not have a pitch of 1.27mm!

Below is an "odd shaped" SON package used by Numonyx flash chips that goes under the name VDFPN8. Notice the half-round appearance of the pins.

Outline and dimensions for the VDFPN8 (SON-8) component package of a Numonyx flash IC. Image from

Atmel produces a document titled PCB Design Considerations when Changing from 6-pin SOT23 to 6-pin WSON Atmel Products. It is a good read if you are migrating from larger SOT-23 packages to the smaller WSON package.

The DMB/PWSON Package (Texas Instruments)

The DMB package (also called PWSON) is a variant of the WSON package used by Texas Instruments2. It has a pitch of 1mm. The HDC1080 datasheet is an example of a TI component which comes in the DMB package.

R-PWSON/DQD Package (Texas Instruments)

The R-PWSON/DQD package is a variant of the WSON package used by Texas Instruments. The TPD8F003 datasheet is an example of a TI component which comes in the DQD package. There seems to be a number of different packages using the DQD code, these include:

  • R-PWSON-N12 (12 leads)3
  • R-PWSON-N16 (16 leads)3
The pin diagram for three different TPD8F003 family components which come in the WSON style package3.

3D models exist for some of the DQD packages on 3DContentCentral, for example:

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