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The uSiP package is a system-in-package design used for switch-mode power supplies (SMPS). It is proprietary to Texas Instruments. It uses a PCB base with an embedded SMPS controller IC, connected to an inductor (and optionally, capacitors) mounted to the top surface of the PCB base. Leads are provided as an LGA on the bottom side of the PCB base. All up, this makes a single discrete SMD component that can take part in the reflow process onto a normal PCB design.


  • MicroSiP
  • SIL (TI)


  • SIL0010A (uSIP-10, 3.8x3.0mm)
  • SIL0010C (uSIP-10, 3.7x2.8mm)

The uSiP package is used for the TPSM265R1 family of point-of-load power modules (this component incorporates the SMPS buck controller, MOSFET, inductor and some of the capacitors, hence being a complete power modules). It appears there are SIL0010A and SIL0010C variants (same number of pins, but slightly different pitch and package size), but no SIL0010B.

A 3D render of the SIL-10C 10-pin uSiP component package[^bib-ti-tpsm265r1-ds]. Image © 2019 Texas Instruments.

A 3D render of the SIL-10C 10-pin uSiP component package1. Image © 2019 Texas Instruments.

Manufacturing and Rework Design Guide for MicroSiP Power Modules has some good advice regarding manufacturing and reworkability of the uSiP (MicroSiP) package.

SIL0008D (uSIP-8, 3.0x2.8mm)

Package WxLxH3.0x2.8x1.53mm2
Typical Land Area6.11mm² (2.6*2.35mm)2

SIL0008D is a 8-pin, 3.0x2.8mm package size variant of the uSIP. Used by the TPS82130S buck converter module by Texas Instruments.

SIL0010A (uSIP-10, 3.8x3.0mm)

Package WxLxH3.8x3.0x1.6mm3
Typical Land Area10.73mm² (3.7*2.9mm)3

SIL0010A is a 10pin, 3.8x3.0mm package size variant of the uSIP.

SIL0010C (uSIP-10, 3.7x2.8mm)

Package WxLxH3.7x2.8x1.8mm1
Typical Land Area13.86mm² (3.3*4.2mm)1

SIL0010C is a 10pin, 3.7x2.8mm package size variant of the uSIP.

The below diagram shows \(\theta_{JA}\) versus copper area on the PCB for the SIL-10C uSiP package:

\(\theta_ja\) vs. copper area for the TPSM265R1 power module in the SIL-10C uSiP component package[^bib-ti-tpsm265r1-ds].

\(\theta_ja\) vs. copper area for the TPSM265R1 power module in the SIL-10C uSiP component package1.


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