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The best tutorial of Binding in WPF that I’ve found is here. It includes a project download which is great for binding that works out-of-the-box, which you can then hack/adjust to your own needs.


The ObservableCollection()  class is used plenty when it comes to binding.

Searching For And Selecting A Particular Element

The following code searches through an observable collection and finds items based a string match with one of the elements properties.

var observC = new ObservableCollection();

// Search through collection
var searchRes = observC.Where(item => item.Name == "test");

// Obtain single element
var singleElement = searchRes.Take(0);

Obtaining The Current DataContext For A UI Element

Obtaining the current DataContext for a particular UI element us useful when you want to set-up binding. The following code shows how to get the data context, obtaining the data context for the entire window (because it uses this , but you could replace this with any particular UI element if you wish).

class Window1 : Window
    private void GetViewModel()
        viewmodel vm = (viewmodel)this.DataContext;

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