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How To Create A desktop.ini File

Firstly, the folder that the desktop.ini file is going to live needs to be set to be a system folder. A system folder is “read-only” and also enables the special behaviour of the desktop.ini file. You can make a folder a system folder by typing the following on the command-line:

attrib +s FolderName

Then create a file in the folder called desktop.ini and open it with a text editor.

Adding An InfoTip To A Folder

InfoTips are descriptive comments that you can associate with a folder. They appear in Windows Explorer when you hover over a folder, or are displayed in the extra information section when you click on a folder.

InfoTips are added to the desktop.ini file that resides in the folder in question. They should be added under the [.ShellClassInfo] title, and follow the syntax:

InfoTip=My descriptive comment about the folder here.


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