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TO-247 Component Package

Geoffrey Hunter Author


The TO-247 (Transistor Outline 247, JEDEC) is a family of large through-hole 3-leaded component packages commonly used for 3-leaded devices which dissipate a lot of thermal power, including BJTs and MOSFETs.


  • TO-247AC, TO-247-3 (3 leads)
  • TO-247PLUS-3 (Infineon)1
  • TO-247PLUS-4 (Infineon)1

Pitch: 5.45mm (0.215")2

Solderability: Suitable for wave soldering. Easy to solder by hand.

Similar To:

  • TO-218 (unlike the TO-247, this does not have an isolated mounting hole)

TO-247AC (TO-247-3)

The TO-247AC (a.k.a. TO-247-3) is the 3-pin variant of the TO-247 package. It is considered the "upgrade" of the TO-218 (SOT-93), with the main difference being the insulated mounting hole, making it easier to mount to a heatsink without shorting things out (it is "mechanically compatible" with the TO-218, however not identical!2).


  • SOD-429 (Nexperia)
  • CASE 340L-02 (On Semi)2

Common Uses:

  • BJTs

When containing a MOSFET, the pin wiring is usually:

  1. Gate
  2. Drain
  3. Source
Photo of the International Rectifier (now Vishay) IRFP460 N-channel power MOSFET in the TO-247AC component package.
3D render of the TO-247AC component package. Image from, retrieved 2021-03-16.
The dimensions for the TO-247AC (SOD-429) component package. Image from, accessed 2021-03-16.


The TO-247PLUS packages (TO-247PLUS-3 and TO-247PLUS-4) are variants of the TO-247 package by Infineon. The main difference is the removal of the mounting holes in the TO-247PLUS variants, plus some extended creepage distances for the TO-247PLUS1.

Comparisons of the TO-247-3 and -4 to the TO-247PLUS variants1.


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