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TO-263 Component Package

Geoffrey Hunter Author


The TO-263 (Transistor Outline 263, JEDEC) is a large SMD component package. It can be considered the SMD version of the TO-220AB package. It is a 3, 5 or 7 leaded heavy-duty SMD package that allows for good heat-sinking due to a large pad on it's underside. It is used frequently for high power MOSFETs, LDOs and SMPS.


  • D2PAK (Double Decawatt package)
  • DDPAK (Double Decawatt package)
  • SMD-220 (named so because the TO-263 is the SMD equivalent of the TO-220).
  • TO-263 (Transistor Outline 263, JEDEC)
  • TO-263AB (TO-263-3S only)
  • TO-279 (TO-263 THIN only, by Texas Instruments)
A 3D render of the TO-263 (D2PAK) component package.

The height of all TO-263 variants except TO-263 THIN is 4.57mm. TO-263 THIN is 2.00mm high.

For every variant with a different number of pins, there is also an S variant in where the middle lead is cut off.

Solderability: Easy to solder by hand, as long as you have a decent powered soldering iron for the central thermal pad. Easy to solder with infrared and reflow techniques.

Similar To:


The TO-263-3 is the 3-pin variant of the TO-263. TO-263-3S is the same as TO-263-3 except the middle lead is cut off.

Pitch: 2.54mm

The junction-to-ambient thermal resistance for the TO-263-3 component package on both standard JEDEC 2-layer and 4-layer boards is shown below:

Junction-to-ambient thermal resistance data of the TO-263 component package on both standard JEDEC 2-layer and 4-layer PCBs. Image from
  • TJA=18.0C/WT_{JA} = 18.0^{\circ}{\rm C}/W (1 square inch of copper surrounding pads, connected to ground)
  • TJA=33.6C/WT_{JA} = 33.6^{\circ}{\rm C}/W (copper filling package land-area)
  • TJA=36.7C/WT_{JA} = 36.7^{\circ}{\rm C}/W (pads only, no copper fill)

3D models:

Common Uses:

  • High power MOSFETs
  • High power LDOs
  • High power SMPS (usually with integrated switching element)


The TO-263-5 is the 5-pin variant of the TO-263.

Thermal resistance of the TO-263-5L THIN:

TJA=22.0C/WT_{JA} = 22.0^{\circ}{\rm C}/W (no air flow, on JEDEC 4-layer test board)

3D models:


The TO-263-7 is the 7-pin variant of the TO-263.

Pitch: 1.7mm

3D models:


TO-263 THIN is a variant of the TO-263 component package by Texas Instruments. It shares a similar PCB footprint, but is significantly smaller in height (i.e. thinner).

A comparison in dimensions of the standard TO-263 component package vs. the TO-263 THIN component package. Image from

It still has a similar exposed pad on it's underside (making it footprint compatible with the standard TO-263 package).

The exact dimensions of the TO-263 THIN package are shown below:

The dimensions for the TO-263 THIN component package. Image built from elements taken from

Similar To

The TO-263 is similar to:

  • TO-252 (DPAK): The TO-252 (DPAK) is the next step down in power dissipation from the TO-263 (D2PAK) package.
  • TO-268 (D3PAK): The TO-268 (D3PAK) is the next step up in power dissipation from the TO-263 (D2PAK) package.