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SOD-523 (Small Outline Diode 523, JEDEC) is a 2-lead SMD component package.


  • CASE 502 (onsemi, STYLE 1 has diode polarity mark, STYLE 2 does not1)
  • SC-79 (EIAJ2)
  • SSMini2-F5-B (Panasonic3)

Similar To:

Pitch: 1.40mm

Solderability: Reflow is most suitable. Possible to hand solder/reflow as long as experienced.

Package Dimensions:

  • Length: 1.65mm1
  • Width: 0.80mm1
  • Height: 0.60mm1

Typical PCB Land Area: \(2.58mm^2\) (2.15x1.20mm)2

Common Uses:

  • ESD protection diodes.
  • Schottky diodes.

The SOD-523 package size (excluding height) of 1.65x0.80mm (length x width) is very similar to the 0603 chip package size of (1.55x0.85mm). SOD-523 is smaller than the SOD-323 package, but larger than the SOD-723 package.

Package dimensions for the SOD-523 package[^bib-nxp-sod523-package-info].

Package dimensions for the SOD-523 package2.

Recommended land pattern for the SOD-523 package[^bib-nxp-sod523-package-info].

Recommended land pattern for the SOD-523 package2.


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