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1. Overview

SOT-89 is a small, surface-mount family of similar component packages. There are two variants within the family, the SOT-89-3 (with three leads, one of which is more like a tab), and the SOT-89-5 (with 5 leads, again — one of which is more like a tab).

All packages in this family have a number of rectangular leads and a central single tab-shaped lead. The tab-shaped lead improves the thermal performance of the package (decreases it’s thermal resistance).

2. SOT-89-3


SOT-89-3 (Small Outline Transistor 89)


sot 89 sc62 to 243 component package 3d render


Similar To

  • SOT-89-6



Pin Count

3 (incl. tab-like lead)


1.50mm (between lead centers on the same side)[3]


The package is relatively easy to solder by hand. There are no issues with hand soldering the tab since the tab produces on one side of the package.

Thermal Resistance

Package Dimensions

  • Length: 4.5mm (nom)[3]

  • Width: 2.5mm (nom)[3]

  • Height: 1.5mm (nom)[3]

Typical PCB Land Area

3D Models


Common Uses

2.1. Dimensions

sot 89 3 package dimensions diodes inc
Figure 1. Dimensions of the SOT-89-3 component package[1].

3. SOT-89-5

The SOT-89-5 package is commonly used as a SMD replacement for the SIP-4 TH package. It call also be called the SOT-89-6, since it appears to have 6 leads when look down on the package.

sot 89 sc62 to 243 component package 3d render
Figure 2. A 3D render of the SOT-89 (SC-62, TO-243) component package. Image from

3.1. Dimensions

sot 89 sc62 to 243 component package dimensions.jpg
Figure 3. The dimensions for the SOT-89-5 (SC-62, TO-243) component package.

3.2. Thermal Resistance states their SOT-89-5 component package to have:

<div> \theta_{JA} = 168^{\circ}C/W </div>

<div> \theta_{JC} = 36^{\circ}C/W </div>



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