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TSSOP (Thin Shrink Small Outline Package) is a plastic, SMD IC component package with gull-wing leads.


  • PWP (PowerPAD) (TI’s name for the HTSSOP variant, independent on pin count)1
  • SOT1171-2 (NXP’s name for the HTSSOP-28)2
  • MO-153 (JEDEC’s name for the HTSSOP-28)2

Pin Count: 8-803


  • 0.50mm3
  • 0.65mm

Solderability: Reflow is most suitable. O.K. to solder by hand by an experienced user. Care must be taken to avoid solder bridges between the legs of the IC.

Common Uses:

  • General ICs
  • H-bridges (the HTSSOP variant)


A 3D render of the TSSOP-38 component package.

A 3D render of the TSSOP-38 component package.

Body widths of TSSOP packages can be 3.0, 4.4 and 6.1mm3.


HTSSOP is a variant of the TSSOP with a solder pad on the underside, used by both Texas Instruments and Rohm Semiconductor4 5. It is used for ICs which require good thermal conductivity (e.g. half-bridges, SMPS).

  • \(R_{\theta JA}\): Junction-to-ambient thermal resistance.
  • \(R_{\theta JB}\): Junction-to-board thermal resistance.
  • \(R_{\theta JC(top)}\): Junction-to-case (top) thermal resistance.
  • \(R_{\theta JC(bot)}\): Junction-to-case (bottom) thermal resistance.
Package NameBody Size (nominal)

\(R_{\theta JA}\)

\(R_{\theta JB}\)

\(R_{\theta JC(top)}\)

\(R_{\theta JC(bot)}\)

















\(25.2 ^{\circ}C/W\)1


A 3D render of the 28-pin TSSOP component package that has a thermal pad (HTSSOP-28).

A 3D render of the 28-pin TSSOP component package that has a thermal pad (HTSSOP-28).


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