STM32 Microcontrollers

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All STM32 micros are supported by ST’s own STM32CubeIDE.

Development Kits

A very popular range of development kits using the STM32 microcontrollers is the STM32 Nucleo.

A Windows machine is required to update the firmware on the Nucleo programmer/debugger IC (the IC which emulates an ST-Link).


The STM32F0 is a family of “general purpose” STM32 microcontrollers. The family uses a 48MHz ARM Cortex-M0 CPU architecture.

Low-power modes:

  • Sleep mode: Only the CPU is stopped. All peripherals continue to operate and can wake-up the CPU.
  • Stop mode: A mode designed to put everything into a low-power state but retain the content of SRAM and the registers.
  • Standby mode: The lowest-power mode. Everything is stopped and SRAM/register content is lost, except for the registers in the RTC domain and standby circuitry

GPIO capabilities:

GPIO can be configured as one of the following outputs:

  • Push-pull
  • Open-drain

Or as the following inputs:

  • High-impedance
  • Pull-up
  • Pull-down

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