HC-49/US Component Package

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1. Overview

This page contains info on the HC-49/U-S SMD component package that is commonly used to house older SMD crystal. For info on un-named SMD crystal packages (which are more common than the HC-49/U-S due to their smaller size), see the SMD Crystal Packages page.

Name HC-49/U-S
Synonyms HC49/US, HC-49US, HC49-US
Variants There a four variants for different height sizes (but same PCB land pattern).
Similar To HC-49/S (though-hole version)
Mounting SMD
Pin Count 2
Pitch 9.5mm
Solderability Easy to solder, as the leads extrude beyond the edge of the package.
Thermal Resistance n/a (this package is used for low power crystals, not normally relevant)
Land Area 57.8mm2 (12.3x4.7mm)
  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D
3D Models


Common Uses Crystals


Common footprint for larger SMD crystals. Internal circuitry is shielded by metal case. Comes in 4 height variants (A, B, C and D). The power consumption of crystals in these package usually ranges from 1nW to 1mW, with a typical value being 50uW.

3. Photos

hc 49us component package photo
Figure 1. A photo of the HC-49/US component package.

4. Images

hc49us component package dimensions land pattern
Figure 2. The dimensions and recommended land pattern for the HC-49/U-S component package.
hc49us component package photo
Figure 3. HC-49/US.


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