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This page contains a number of videos I have recorded related to pyrotechnics. Included are videos of black powder tests, rocketry, fireball creation, and general pyrotechnics (anything from mortar firing to videos of the tools used for pyrotechnics).

Mortar Test Fire

A homemade mortar test fire. Contained 5g of black powder with a section of 18mm wooden dowel on top. Mortar a 300mm long steel pipe with an internal diameter of 20mm.

100g Ball Mill

My old ball mill for grinding black powder. Made from a Nesquick milkshake can and a window wiper motor from an old car. There’s about 20 lead balls inside and it can grind about 100g of black powder in 8 hours.

Black Powder Unconfined Burn

This is an unconfined burn of 10g of homemade blackpowder. The black powder is not my best, as you can see by the sluggish burning and smoke emissions.

Black Powder Polumna

A traditional mexican firework made only with black powder and a strip of newspaper wrapped around the powder in a triangle. This one contained about 10g of black powder.


This is a video of a 50g black powder pipe bomb surrounded in liquid corn starch. Experimenting with the unusual solidifying property of corn starch when under pressure.

Stick Rocket 01

A stick rocket with rcandy propellant. Internal diameter of cardboard motor tube was 18mm.

5min Rocket Take-off Failure

This rocket was built in under 5 minutes. It has a cardboard body and a black powder rocket motor. The nozzle plug of the rocket motor blew-off at take-off, resulting in almost no thrust.


A homemade class “H” rocket motor attached to a skateboard. Propellant is potassium nitrate/dextrose (KNDX) in a PVC casing.

Petrol Fireball At Night

A petrol fireball created with a 50g black powder charge in a paint can with 3L of petrol. Camera about situated approx. 100m away.

3L Petrol Fireball During The Day

A fireball from a 70g black powder charge inside a paint can with 3L of petrol.


Geoffrey Hunter

Dude making stuff.

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