The Robotic Operating System (ROS) is a lightweight OS designed to both standardise and modularise software modules used in robotic systems.

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Workspaces, shell commands and more info about catkin, the CMake-based build system for ROS (robotic operating system) packages.
roscore, rosrun, rosnode, rostopic and other shell commands to control ROS (the robotic operating system).
ContentsPre-defined MessagesDefining Custom MessagesThe HeaderMD5 ChecksumsPre-defined Messages Sensor-based messages are contained within the directory: C /opt/ros/<ros version>/share/sensor_msgs/ 1 /opt/ros/<ros version>/share/sensor_msgs/ Defining Custom Messages ROS messages are defined in .msg files. An automatic MD5 sum of the .msg file is created and is checked when nodes try and publish/subscribe to topics. Nodes can only communicate when … Continue reading Messages
Topics (Publishers And Subscribers)
ContentsOverviewCustom Subscriber CallbacksSmart Pointer BehaviourOverview ROS provides a publish and subscribe mechanism on message buses called topics. More information about the ROS messages can be found on the Messages page. Custom Subscriber Callbacks You can implement custom subscriber callbacks by using the boost::bind class. C++ void MyClass::Load() { // Create ROS subscriber ros::Subscriber sub = … Continue reading Topics (Publishers And Subscribers)
An overview, rospack commands and more information on the xacro (XML macro) language for ROS.

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