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Content Management Systems
Information about content management systems (CMS) such as Wordpress and Drupal.
ContentsOverviewCSS3Dynamic DebuggingCode TipsStopping Objects From Being RenderedLinksOverview CSS, or content style sheet, is a language for speicifying how elements on an HTML page are displayed. It is a very powerful way of customising the look and feel of a website, and allowing single point control (i.e. instant change) of the display of your web pages. … Continue reading CSS
Folder And File Permissions
ContentsOverviewBulk Change Of Permissions Using SSHOverview Folder and file permissions are an important aspect of web design. They need to be set carefully to allow the server and users the correct privileges so they can use the site correctly, however they need to be strict enough so that there are no security vulnerabilities. Bulk Change … Continue reading Folder And File Permissions
ContentsCommentsGET, PUT, e.t.cAPI DesignDynamic ContentComments Comments within HTML code are added using the following syntax. A HTML Comment XHTML <!-- This is a HTML comment --> 1 <!-- This is a HTML comment --> GET, PUT, e.t.c The common command send when you type a URL into your browser is GET. You can use the … Continue reading HTML
Image Manipulation
ContentsPluginsYou can install GIMP on Ubuntu with the command Installing GIMP On Ubuntu Shell sudo apt-get install gimp 1 sudo apt-get install gimp Plugins GIMP supports plugins. Like this:Like Loading...
ContentsPreventing jQuery From Loading More Than OncePreventing jQuery From Loading More Than Once There are many times when, becuase you are including 3rd party files, jQeury may get loaded more than once. This is not recommended, and loading jQuery again wipes all the jQuery enviroment variables, which can break things. Here is a easy way … Continue reading jQuery
ContentsOverviewCommentsLibrariesOverview JSON (JavaScript object notation) is a way of describing data that follows the syntax for creating an object in JavaScript. It is commonly used to pass messages across the internet, as an alternative to XML. JSON files have the file extension¬† .json. Comments Unfortunately, there is no special syntax to add comments into a … Continue reading JSON
ContentsOverviewChild PagesBasicsA Simple HTTP ServerChecking To See If There Is An Internet ConnectionNPMRaspberryPi GPIOPackages I Have Found UsefulExternal ReferencesOverview node.js is a platform built on the Chrome Javascript runtime engine. It uses a non-blocking, event-driven I/O model and uses the Javascript programming language. It comes with a standard set of pacakges to make life easier. … Continue reading nodejs
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ContentsCommentsDebuggingechoget_defined_vars()print_r()serialize()Opening/Closing PHP In HtmlGetting The Current PathComments There are two types of comments in PHP, single line comments, and multi-line comments. Single-line comments are started with //¬†and continue until a new line. A Single-Line PHP Comment PHP $variable = 2; // This is a single-line comment 1 $variable = 2; // This is a single-line … Continue reading PHP
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Wireframes are really good in the design stage of a website for getting an idea of the layout and feel of a website. They are good at communicating these ideas with the client/customer (if there is such one). When using a good wireframe tool/program, they are really easy to create. My favourite is Mockingbird, and … Continue reading Wireframes
XAMPP is a great tool for running a “website” server on your local computer. It can run things like php scripts and handle MySQL requests, before serving the HTML to your browser. It is a great tool for developing and testing websites before putting them online. XAMPP has a control panel which allows you to … Continue reading XAMPP

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