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Information and tips about the Android operating system (OS).
Information about FreeRTOS, a popular, free-to-use real-time operating system that is designed to be used on low-power embedded systems, such as microcontrollers.
Information about the Linux operating system.
ContentsOverviewApplicationsOverview NuttX is a real-time operating system that is closely tied with the ANSI and POSIX standards that operating systems like Linux are based from. It is designed to be run on embedded targets such as 8 to 32-bit microcontrollers. It supports commons microcontrollers such as the ARM Cortex M0, M3, M4 and M7. Applications … Continue reading NuttX
ContentsOverviewCompiling For PetaLinuxIncremental Build BugOverview PetaLinux is a cusotm version of Linux designed for embedded Xilinx systems. PetaLinux is designed to work with the Zynq-7000, all programmables SOCs, MicroBlaze and PowerPC. Compiling For PetaLinux Programs can be written and cross-compiled for the PetaLinux platform in the Eclipse-based Xilinx SDK (xsdk). By default, the Xilinx SDK … Continue reading PetaLinux
Quantum Platform (QP)
ContentsOverviewQPSignalsEventsQSpyQSpyViewOverview Quantum Platform (QP) is a framework suiteĀ used to create state-machine based applications. It is cross-platform, supporting Window, Linux, embedded systems/toolchains, and other operating systems. It is very applicable to firmware development. QP Signals A signal is a unique event that can occur in your application (confusingly, there are also primitives called Events, which are … Continue reading Quantum Platform (QP)
Info about VxWorks, a proprietary real-time operating system designed by Wind River.
ContentsOverviewChild PagesAuto-completeCommentsFile ManipulationDisplaying FilesxcopyrobocopyDeleting Files And DirectoriesOverview These pages are all about the Windows operating system and the command-line interface. For information about how to write batch scripts and it’s programming syntax, see the Batch Files page. Child Pages Windows Driver Development Info about writing drivers for Windows. Customizing Folders With Desktop.ini How to create … Continue reading Windows

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