Atmel is a manufacturer who make a broad range of popular microcontrollers.

The Atmel logo as of October 2015.
The Atmel logo as of October 2015.

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Overview, code examples, IAR vs. GCC, code compatibility and more info about the Atmel AVR ATmega family of microcontrollers.
Atmel AT32 Family
An overview, programming, DFU bootloading, I/O multiplexing, the TWI peripheral and more info about the Atmel AVR AT32 family of microcontrollers.
Atmel SAM Family
The Atmel SAM D20 family uses the ARM Cortex-M0+ core. Peripherals include general purpose serial comms, timer/counters, PWMs, ADC’s, a DAC, and capacitive touch channels. Go to their website for more information. Like this:Like Loading...
Atmel Xmega Family
ContentsOverviewProgrammingCode TutorialsOverview The XMEGA is a family of microcontroller made by ATMEL. Programming The XMEGA family supports JTAG and PDI programming. Supported programmers include the AVR JTAG ICE (for JTAG programming and debugging) and AVRisp MkII (as long as the firmware has been updated to support PDI). There are also 3rd party and homebrew programmers … Continue reading Atmel Xmega Family
A short tutorial on how to use AVRDUDE, the popular, free, open-source, command-line utility for programming Atmel microcontrollers.

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