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Hardware variants, Windows 8/10 support, shields, RTOS's, CLI's, IDE's and more info about the Arduino ecosystem.
The ATmega family, Xmega family, AVR AT32 family, SAM family, AVRDUDE and more info about Atmel's range of microcontrollers.
ContentsBeagleBone BlackStatsSupported CapesBeagleBone Black The BeagleBone black is a credit-card sized embedded computer, competitive in pricing, size, and features to the RaspberryPi. It supports a number of plug-on PCBs, called “capes”, which add additional functionality. Stats Processor 1GHz Sitara AM335x ARM Cortex-A8 Memory (RAM) 512MB DDR3 Memory (Persistant) 2GB eMMC (pre-loaded with Angstrom Linux) Graphics … Continue reading BeagleBone
ContentsDelay FunctionDelay Function The delay function MB_Sleep(u32 MilliSeconds) is made accessible by including the header file #include "microblaze_sleep.h" in your source code. Like this:Like Loading...
PIC And dsPIC Family
ContentsChild PagesChild Pages Like this:Like Loading...
ContentsOverviewChild PagesPorts/PinsFreeRTOS and PSoCOther ResourcesOverview The PSoC ecosystem by Cypress is a range of microcontrollers (PSoC 3, 4, 5 and 5LP) and IDE’s (PSoC Designer and PSoC Creator). Child Pages Ports/Pins PSoC devices are great in the fact that almost all hardware peripherals are reconfigurable to any port/pins. You don’t have specific ports/pins for UART … Continue reading PSoC
ContentsOverviewQuick SetupLonger SetupsOperating SystemsGeneral PurposeOccidentalisPidoraRaspianRISC OSMusic OrientatedPi MusicBoxVolumioRPi StoreVideo OutputDSIControlling The GPIOPWMHow To Change Keyboard LayoutUpdatingSSHUseful Packages To InstallNode.jsUsesEducationHome AutomationOverview The RaspberryPi is a cheap, fully-functional micro-computer. Quick Setup www.raspberrypi.com has released software called NOOBS (new out-of-the-box software), which makes it really easy to setup the RPi. Just download NOOBS (which was just over 1GB … Continue reading RaspberryPi
Si100x Family
ContentsOverviewInterruptsSupported IDE’sCode TutorialsOverview The Si100x is a microcontroller range from Silicon Laboratories that features an inbuilt sub-GHz RF transceiver. It also has a 10-bit ADC, SPI, UART and timer hardware peripherals. It has ultra-low power consumption modes, such as the sleep mode which only uses 60nA. It uses a digital ‘priority’ crossbar to assign hardware … Continue reading Si100x Family

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