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Iterating over an enum, using an enum as an array index and more info about Java enumerations.
Checked exceptions, the RuntimeException, the ConcurrentModificationException and more info about Java exceptions.
Guava EventBus
An overview, advantages, disadvantages, exceptions and more info on the Guava EventBus for Java.
Implementing The Observer Pattern In Java
Advantages/disadvantages,, writing your own observers, code examples and more info about the implementing the observer pattern in Java.
FXML files, circular buttons, custom controls, CSS-based styling and more info about JavaFX.
Instances, reporting levels, handlers, hierarchy, report forwarding, LogRecord, LogManager and more info about using the java.util.Logging class in Java.
Primitive Data Types
Uses, formats, bit-size, valid ranges, default values and more info about Java's primitive data types.
Serial Ports
Response times, jSSC, RXTX, serial-comm, library comparisons and more info on com/serial port communication in Java.
Thread Safety (Concurrency)
ContentsOverviewsynchronizedOverview Thread safety is largely built into the Java language, either via specialised keywords such as synchronized or via standard library objects. synchronized The  synchronized keyword (recognised by the Java compiler) can be used to enforce synchronous access (i.e. non-concurrent) to class methods. It is a quick tool to reach for if you have basic concurrency issues. Like this:Like Loading...
Unit Tests
Contentsjunitjunit @Before Like this:Like Loading...

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