Boost provides a templated class to create fixed-size arrays of a particular type. To create a fixed array that stored 6 doubles, you would use:

Note the first template parameter is the type you wish the array to store, and the second parameter is the number of elements in the array.


Full Path: std::deque 

deque stands for double-ended queue (usually pronounced similar to “deck”). It is an indexed sequence container used for storing data in C++. It is dynamically sized, and can be quickly expanded/contracted both at the front and back.

A deque is not guaranteed to store all of it’s data in a continuous memory sequence. Thus it’s data cannot be accessed via pointer addition (unlike a vector).



std::map is an associative array. Is is similar to a dictionary in Python. While an array or vector only allows you to store and retrieve data using an integer, a map allows you to store and retrieve data via any other object.

For example, we could store peoples data based on their first name:

We could now store a value into the map:

Notice how we can use a string to index into the map, rather than an integer!

Different Ways Of Adding An Element To A Map

emplace was added to  std::map in C++11. It allows you to pass in the arguments used to create a new element in the map separately. emplace() then forwards these arguments onto the element’s constructor.