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If you are writing assembly for ARM processors, make sure to check out the GNU ARM Assembler Quick Reference. Like this:Like Loading...
ContentsOverviewReturning From ScriptsANSI Escape Codes Overview Bash, apart from being a UNIX shell, is also a programming language in it’s own right. Returning From Scripts The return statement can be used to return from a function within a script.  return has nothing to do with the exit code. The exit code of the last command run in a … Continue reading Bash
Batch Files
ContentsOverviewCommentsEchoVariablesReplacing Substrings Within StringsProcessing The Output Of A CommandDelayed ExpansionMS-DOS comands use a / character to signify a flag. All command syntax on this page uses square brackets for optional parameters. Overview This page is all about the programming language used to write functioning batch file scripts for running in the Windows operating system. For native … Continue reading Batch Files
C Programming
Code examples, naming conventions, commenting and documentation, common build errors, language terms, pointers, standards, embedded suitability and more info about the C programming language.
C# Programming
ContentsChild PagesCode ExamplesString ManipulationRemoving Characters From A StringConverting To HexPopulating A ComboBox From An EnumerationIterating Through An EnumerationRunning .NET On Non-Windows PlatformsSignal ProcessingRoundingProfiling And Performance TuningCommand-Line ParsersCommand Line Parser LibrarycmdlineNDesk.OptionsManyConsoleMicrosoft Office Program Manipulation With C#Installing Third-Party LibrariesOther ResourcesChild Pages Going From WinForms To WPF Graph Drawing How To Access Serial Ports In C# Threading Timers … Continue reading C# Programming
C++ Programming
ContentsOverviewChild PagesBenefits Over CDisadvantages Over CMixing C With C++Name ManglingCompilersConstructorsNamespacesStruturesQualifiersstaticForward DeclarationsExternal ResourcesOverview This page covers C++ programming and it’s use in embedded programming. DID YOU KNOW? – C++ started out as a preprocessor for C, before later developing into it’s own language. One of my favourite quotes: C makes it easy to shoot yourself in … Continue reading C++ Programming
ContentsOverviewCode BlocksOperatorsBinary ArithmeticCommentsRoundingOverview Delphi grew out of the Turbo Pascal language. Delphi is one of the languages available for writing scripts in Altium, a PCB design program. Code Blocks Delphi uses begin and end; keywords to create blocks of code (similar to the { and } characters in c). Note that after the end keyword you must include … Continue reading Delphi
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ContentsOverviewChild PagesAdding JavaScript Code In An HTML Page ConstantsFunctionsMessage BoxesThe ConsoleStringsString To Number ConversionThe Maths ObjectUseful JavaScript LibrariesLightboxGoogle AnalyticsOverview JavaScript was originally designed to determine what browser a web page was loading on. The most common use for JavaScript today is to enrich basic HTML webpages, as well as run back-end server tasks with a platform such … Continue reading JavaScript
ContentsFunctionsLua is an extension-based embeddable language. Lua itself is implemented as a stand-alone library, with the goal of being embedded in other applications. It does not have it’s own main(), it has to be called from a host program running in a different language (e.g. C). Reference Manual: Functions Functions in Lua can return more … Continue reading Lua
ContentsSingle Quotes Vs. Double QuotesSingle Quotes Vs. Double Quotes You can define strings in PowerShell with either single quotes or double quotes. What is the difference? The difference is that PowerShell does not perform interpolation with single quotes, but does perform interpolation with double quotes. What is interpolation? This is where the PowerShell interpreter will look … Continue reading PowerShell
ContentsWhy Python?StringsConcatenationRepetitionIndexingSlicingWhy Python? Have your cake and eat it too (productivity and readable code) – “Life is better without braces” – Bruce Eckel Strings Concatenation String Concatenation In Python Python "part 1" + " part 2" = "part 1 part2" 1 "part 1" + " part 2" = "part 1 part2" Repetition String Repetition … Continue reading Python
QP (Quantum Platform)
ContentsQM (QP Modeler)QSPrinting Custom MessagesQM (QP Modeler) A core part of QM is the graphical UML-based state machine diagrams. QS Printing Custom Messages QSpy supports the printing of custom messages, which allows you to use it in the same way you would use a normal debug UART hooked up to microcontroller. You can print pure strings with … Continue reading QP (Quantum Platform)
ContentsQuick ReferencePreventing Recursive Find And Replace MatchesA Lookahead ExampleA Lookbehind ExampleFinding C/C++ Function DefinitionsFile PathsMatching StringsMatching All Printable ASCII CharactersOnline Regex TestersAll the listed regex examples can be tested with the online regex engine regexpal. Quick Reference Operator Name Use \ Backslash/Escape Character A backslash is used as the escape character. It turns off the … Continue reading Regex
ContentsUsesSection HeadersTablesImagesExamplesReStructuredTest is a markup language for plain text. It is also called reST. Uses Cloud-based repository hosts (e.g. GitHub, BitBucket) README’s. Section Headers Section titles are described in reST by underlining or both underlining and overlining the section header text with a sequence of non-alphanumeric characters. Adding these characters is called an adornment. Any … Continue reading ReStructuredText
Information about the Rust programming language.
ContentsOverviewTeX DistributionsTeX EditorsLatex Reference GuidesMathJAXExample CodeOverview TeX is a typesetting language for producing documents. It is one of the most popular alternatives to WYSIWYG text editors such as Microsoft Word. The language largely resembles a programming language, and is then compiled to produce professional looking documents. The advantage of TeX typesetting over an editor such … Continue reading TeX
ContentsOverviewThe BasicsVariablesForcing You To Declare VariablesCommentsStringsRegexMatch ObjectTest() ExampleIntegersFunction PointersSets (The MkSet()/InSet() Functions)Trigonometry Overview Visual basic is one of the scripting languages you can use to write code for interfacing with the PCB design software Altium, through it’s provided API. The Basics VBScript is not case-sensitive. That is, the variable myInt is the same as the variable myint. … Continue reading VBScript
ContentsChild PagesCounters External ResourcesChild Pages Verilog Operators Describes and gives examples of the various operators you can use in the Verilog language, like AND (&), OR (|), SHIFT (<<), concatenation ({,}), and arithmetic (+, -).   Counters A 4-bit Counter In Verilog 4-bit Counter module Count4Bit_v1_00 ( output reg [3:0] count, output reg tc, input clock, … Continue reading Verilog
Contents2-Input AND Gate2-Input AND Gate 2-Input AND Gate entity AND2 is port (in1, in2: in std_logic; out1: out std_logic); end AND2; 1234 entity AND2 is     port (in1, in2: in std_logic;           out1: out std_logic);end AND2;   Like this:Like Loading...
ContentsCommentsOver the recent years, XML has become increasingly popular in both traditional computer programming, and website design. One of it’s big benefits is that it is both human and machine readable. Examples: The Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) replaced WinForms and uses a version of XML called XAML for designing the graphical interface. XML is commonly … Continue reading XML