Installing xsdb And JTAG Drivers


Use this page to help you install Diligent JTAG drivers on your computer so you can use JTAG to the Xilinx Zynq-7000 ZC702 board via the micro-USB connection. No special JTAG programmer is required, as the ZC702 development board has a USB-to-JTAG module on board.

The Xilinx Zynq-7000 ZC702 development board with the USB-to-JTAG module highlighted.

This tutorial is designed for people running a Ubuntu client using VMware on a Windows host.

Install Diligent JTAG Drivers On Windows

You will need the cable drivers on both Windows and Ubuntu (you need them on Windows so that you can do a USB pass through to the virtual machine). Download and install either Vivado Design Suite (large!) or Vivado Lab Edition (smaller install size) from on Windows. This should install the Diligent JTAG drivers.

Once the drivers have been installed on Windows, VMware detects the cable as “Future Devices Digilent Adept USB Device”, under VM->Removable Devices. Connect this device to the virtual machine.

Plug the micro USB cable into the ZC702 dev. board and your computer. 

Install Diligent JTAG Drivers And SDK On Ubuntu

Download and install the SDK on Ubuntu (again, from This includes the xsdb program, which is located

Now download and install Vivado Design Suite or Vivado Lad Edition on Ubuntu. Vivado includes the drivers for the JTAG cable, but unlike Windows, they are NOT automatically installed on Linux.

Once Vivado is installed, navigate to:

And then run the install_drivers script (with admin privileges) that resides in this directory:

A snapshot of the terminal output while installing the Xilinx “Digilent” JTAG drivers on Ubuntu.