CPU Architectures


Information on specific CPU architectures such as the ARM Cortex M3 and the Texas C2000.

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ARM Cortex-M3
ContentsOverviewChild PagesProcessor ModesPrivileged ModeUser (Un-Privileged) ModeStack PointersMemoryData TypesInterruptsInterrupt Control RegisterInterrupt Active RegistersPriority GroupingSysTickCMSISMicrocontrollers Which Use This ArchitectureExternal LinksOverview The ARM Cortex-M3 is a computer CPU architecture introduced in 2004 and designed for micocontrollers. It uses the 32-bit Thumb-2 instruction set (which supports the 16-bit Thumb instructions). It does not support ARM instructions. Child Pages Instrumentation … Continue reading ARM Cortex-M3
ARM Cortex-M6
The RaspberryPi uses the ARM Cortex-M6 architecture. Like this:Like Loading...
ContentsSpecsThe Size Of A ByteThe C2000 is a processor architecture by Texas Instruments. It features in a range of TI microcontroller families including the Piccolo and Delfino range. Specs Specification Value Bus Size 32-bit Floating Point Unit (FPU) Yes Frequency Range 40-300MHz RAM 5-516kB The C2000 has a math-optimised core and is designed for high-performance … Continue reading C2000

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