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GCC Bugs
A page dedicated to highlighting specific GCC bugs, how they are caused, if they have been fixed, and potential workarounds.
GCC Code Coverage
Compiling and linking GCC with code coverage enabled (flags), how to use lcov to generate visual HTML output and more info about performing code coverage analysis using GCC and other GNU tools.
GCC Compiler Optimisation Levels
Info about the optimisation levels in GCC including numerical sequence optimisations.
GCC Profiling
ContentsOverviewgprof2dotThis article assumes you are using a Debian-based Linux machine (e.g. Ubuntu). Overview To use profiling, the program must be compiled and linked with the -qg profiling option: We will use an called profiling_test.c (full code can be found at https://github.com/mbedded-ninja/BlogAssets/tree/master/Programming/ProfilingGprof): C #include <stdio.h> int fibonacci(int n) { if(n == 0) return 0; else if(n … Continue reading GCC Profiling
Non-Standard GNU C/C++ Features (aka Extensions)
Information about the non-standard features (extensions) in the GNU C and C++ compilers.


The GCC logo.
The GCC logo.

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