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Algorithms And Data Structures
Sorting algorithms, time complexity and other information about algorithms and data structures.
Build Systems And Package Managers
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Information about software and firmware compilers including GCC, Clang and MPLAB X compilers.
CPU Architectures
Information on specific CPU architectures such as the ARM Cortex M3 and the Texas C2000.
Design Patterns
Information on software design patterns such as hardware abstraction, dependency injection and "futures and promises".
Embedded Linux
Processors, development kits, differences with standard Linux, embedded ABI and more information about running Linux on embedded systems.
General Programming
General programming information.
Integrated Development Environments (IDEs)
Quick start guides, cheat sheets, feature overview,s general help and more info about Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) for both software and firmware.
Information on various microcontroller families such as PSoC, PIC, dsPIC, ATmega, Arduino, RaspberryPi.
Operating Systems
Information about various operating systems (both high-level and embedded), including Linux, FreeRTOS, Windows, Android and more!
Programming Languages
Information, code examples, tips and tricks on programming languages such as C, C++, C#, Javascript, Java, Bash, Powershell, Lua, Assembly, Rust and VBScript.
Signal Processing
ContentsChild PagesOverviewFinite Impulse Response (FIR) FiltersInfinite Impulse Response (IIR) FiltersSource CodeLocal Maxima/Minima (aka Peak/Trough) DetectionIterating Over The DataSampling WindowLocal Extrema Code LibrariesCorrelationDetecting Variable WraparoundsCurve FittingSplinesChild Pages Overview The Math.Net project contains the “Neodym” library for signal processing in C#. The project can be downloaded, compiled in C# Express to produce a .dll, and then included as a resource in … Continue reading Signal Processing
Version Control Systems
Information on version control systems such as git, Mercurial, SVN.
Virtual Machines And Containers
Info on virtual machines (such as VirtualBox and VMware) and containers (such as Docker).
Website Design
Information about popular CMS's (such as Wordpress and Drupal) and frameworks such as React, Angular and vue.

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