TSOC Component Package


Name Thin Smal-Outline C-Lead
  • D6 (Maxim)
  • D6-1
  • D6N-1
Similar To n/a
Mounting SMD
Pin Count 6 (TSOC-6)
Pitch 1.27mm
Solderability Easy to solder by hand.
Thermal Resistance n/a
  • 3.94×4.29×1.40mm, LA: 17.6mm2 (D6-1)
  • 3.94×4.62×1.40mm, LA: 18.9mm2 (D6N-1)
Height 1.40mm
3D Models TSOC-6
Common Uses
  • Timing IC
  • ESD protection diodes


As far as I can tell, this package only comes in the 6-pin version (TSOC-6), and is only used by Dallas/Maxim (since 2001, Dallas has been a subsidiary of Maxim). There are two variants, with the difference between them being the package width and the lead length (and hence two slightly different land patterns).


A photo of the TSOC-6 component package.
A photo of the TSOC-6 component package.


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