TO-PMOD-7 Component Package


Name Transistor Outline Power Module 7
Synonyms TZA07A (Texas Instruments)
Variants n/a
Similar To n/a
Mounting SMD
Pin Count 7
Pitch 1.27mm (between the six pins, exluding the pad)
Solderability Easy to solder by hand, with a powerful soldering iron (the pad is the hardest part).
Thermal Resistance
  • T_{JC} = 1.9^{\circ}{\rm C}/W
  • T_{JA} = 16^{\circ}{\rm C}/W (with the recommended land pattern)
Land Area 10.16x13.77mm = 140mm^2
Height 4.57mm
3D Models TO-PMOD 7 Pin Package
Common Uses DC/DC power modules (e.g. buck, boost, buck/boost).


This is a rather large SMD package with good heat sinking ability. Texas Instruments uses this package for some of their DC/DC power modules, which have built in shielded inductors.

3D Renders

A 3D render of the TO-PMOD-7 component package.
A 3D render of the TO-PMOD-7 component package.

Other Images

to-pmod-7-component-package-dimensions-and-land-pattern The dimensions and recommended land pattern for the TO-PMOD-7 component package. Image from
to-pmod-7-3d-render-jpg A 3D model of the TO-PMOD-7 package.

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