SPM23 Component Package


Name Smart Power Module
Synonyms n/a
Variants n/a
Similar To Mini-DIP SPM
Mounting SMD
Pin Count 23
Pitch n/a
Solderability Easy to solder by hand, infrared or reflow techniques.
Thermal Resistance n/a
Land Area n/a
Height 3.1mm
3D Models n/a
Common Uses
  • Motor drivers
  • Inverters


Package proprietary to Fairchild Semiconductor, used for some of their motor driver IC’s. Similar to a through-hole version called the Mini-DIP SPM. The package is designed to have a large flat top surface for heat sinking.


A photo of the SPM23 component package.
A photo of the SPM23 component package.


component-package-spm-23-land-pattern The land pattern for the SPM-23 component package.

Posted: April 7th, 2015 at 9:56 am