SOT-323 Component Package


Name SOT-323 (Small Outline Transistor 323)
  • SC-70 (SOT323-3, JEITA)
  • SCx (Analog Devices)
  • SMini3-G1-B (SOT323-3, Panasonic)
  • SOT-323-3 (3 lead)
  • SOT-323-5 (5 lead)
  • SOT-323-8 (8 lead)
Similar To SOT-363
Mounting SMD
Pin Count
  • 3 (SOT-323-3)
  • 5 (SOT-323-5)
  • 8 (SOT-323-8, SC8)
  • 0.50mm (SOT-323-8, SC8)
  • 0.65mm (all other variants)
Solderability Difficult to solder by hand (but possible).
Thermal Resistance
  • SOT-323-3: Tja = 380°C/W (mounted on 10x8x0.6mm FR4, still air)
  • SOT-323-8: Tja = 70-90°C/W
Land Area 2.10×2.00mm (4.20mm2)
Height 0.95mm
3D Models n/a
Common Uses
  • Diodes (SOT-323-3)
  • Voltage regulators (SOT-323-8)

This package is a little confusing because it shares two common names, the SOT-323-x and the SC-70-x. And it also can have a different pitch (the SOT-323-8, aka SC-70-8 or SC8 has a 0.5mm pitch). It has a lead-pitch double that of the SOT-363.

If the pin number isn’t specified, it is likely to be the 3 pin variant (this is the most common).


component-package-sot-323-5-dimensions-and-land-pattern Dimensions and recommended land pattern for the SOT-323-5 (SC-70-5) component package.
component-package-sot-323-3-3d-model 3D model of the SOT-323-3 (SC-70-3) component package.
component-package-sot-323-5-3d-model 3D model of the SOT-323-5 (SC-70-5) component package.

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